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Trust in CertFocus to Ensure Insurance Compliance

Posted by marketing@certfocus.com on May 1, 2017

Trust in CertFocus to Ensure Insurance Compliance.jpeg

Trust is a vital ingredient for any successful business partnership. And while it would be great if we only ever had to trust that others were doing the right thing, there are vital elements that must exist for trust to develop; superior customer service, dependability, and results. CertFocus strives to become a valued and trusted partner for all their customers by delivering the highest levels of compliance in the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Management Industry. In equity partnership with the Insurance Services Office (now part of the Verisk Analytics Family of Companies), CertFocus offers our clients a COI management solution designed to deliver the most flexible, accurate, and reliable results in the industry. This is why, when it comes to ensuring certificate of insurance compliance from vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, tenants, and franchises, CertFocus sets the industry standard.

As a fully flexible service designed by insurance professionals for insurance professionals, our service is customer service focused and is supported by software, rather than simply being like most other providers in our industry, a basic COI software tracking technology. Therefore, by focusing on being a service first, CertFocus is able to work with each customer to design and develop a fully customized compliance platform to ensure that your specific needs are being met. We are proud of the fact that our 180+ customers receive tremendous value from our solution, and benefit from over 90+% COI compliance. With a strong U.S.-based infrastructure, flexible service solutions, and most importantly CIC, CRIS, CISR and CPCU credentialed account managers dedicated to helping you, CertFocus delivers the most comprehensive COI management solution in the industry.

With CertFocus, you have a trustworthy partner who can ensure compliance from your vendors, and provide you with significant savings through economies of scale. CertFocus frees up your valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on managing the process while CertFocus does all the heavy lifting. CertFocus provides you with ad hoc reporting and by being SaaS-based, is accessible from any device, integrating with most all AP, Single Sign-on, SAP, PeopleSoft, JDE, Oracle and many other third-party systems. You will appreciate our permission-based user privileges and the fact that our flexible infrastructure allows for unlimited hierarchies, and the assurance of unlimited requirement sets.

When you need to ensure vendor, subcontractor, supplier, tenant, and franchisee compliance, CertFocus is there to be your trusted partner and to provide the highest level of compliance and the most robust service possible in the Certificate of Insurance Industry. CertFocus works with each customer to design and develop the customized compliance platform they need to ensure their specific needs are being met. We are more than a software- it is our people behind the solution who are there to get you results. We continue to make significant investments into our people and our world class operations infrastructure- and as a result, into our customers- that no other provider can possibly match.

To learn more about how CertFocus can help you ensure the highest level of compliance in the Certificate of Insurance Industry, visit us at certfocus.com.