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CertFocus Pleased to Announce the Hiring of CTO Sidney Fein

Posted by marketing@certfocus.com on July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017—CertFocus is very pleased to announce the hiring of Sidney (Sid) Fein in the Chief Technology Officer role. A highly skilled, results-driven transformation leader, Sid is an adept value-creator and a welcomed addition to the CertFocus executive team.

In bringing Sid on board, CertFocus has invested in a CTO that will enhance our software. He brings extensive technology skills in Application Development, Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Data Management and Security to his new role. Sid will implement new features and functionality, fuel additional services and increase the efficiency of operations for our valued clients.

Technology powers the CertFocus service, and Sid will help improve and enable new tech. Sid’s focus will be on accelerating product development, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our services for our clients, and enhancing our integration capabilities. Finally, Sid  will be working on enhancing the CertFocus business intelligence offerings to deliver real-time, actionable data to our valued clients, and pursuing new relationships with vendors to develop strategic technology partnerships.

“We owe it to our customers to bring on a demonstrated leader with the unequivocal technology expertise and proven accomplishments that Sid brings to our company,” says CertFocus CEO Joseph V. Sforzo of hiring Sidney Fein. “With Sid as a key executive in our company, our customers will see tremendous dividends.”

Prior to joining CertFocus, Sid was at LifeMed Media, where he built co-branded world- class SaaS solutions for major business partners such as Aetna, Humana and Bayer. His 25 years of experience and knowledge in development database admin, infrastructure operations, security, quality control, and hands-on all-in testing is remarkable.

With an Executive MBA from Hofstra and an undergraduate degree from NYU Stern, Sid’s experience in implementing new product features make him a powerful addition to the CertFocus team.

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