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CertFocus: Critical to Henry Schein’s Successful Risk Management Program

Posted by marketing@certfocus.com on July 21, 2017

CertFocus Testimonial: George Zaroogian from CertFocus on Vimeo.

George Zaroogian is the Director of Risk Management at Henry Schein, a distributor of medical, dental, and animal health products. Zaroogian, who has twenty years of experience in insurance, explains why it’s very important for his company to have a compliance program in place. If there is a product liability lawsuit, Henry Schein can ask the supplier or the manufacturer to indemnify them.

Without having that program in place, the business is exposed to great liability. CertFocus is the compliance system of Henry Schein, and they’ve been very happy with its performance. CertFocus has been critical to Henry Schein’s successful risk management program.

CertFocus is the service and compliance leader in SaaS-based Certificate of Insurance to the Fortune 500 and leading public-sector community. With a 99% customer retention rate, CertFocus offers a compliance rate of over 90% COI, the highest in the industry. To learn more, please enjoy this video.